Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Data Privacy

At Victoria ID, we are dedicated to handling personal data responsibly. In selecting our suppliers, we only work with well-secured information systems and suppliers that provide clear privacy statements. In this declaration, we explain how we manage data, and we naturally do this in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines.

Who We Are

We are Victoria ID, located at Raasdorperweg 189A, 1175 KV, Lijnden, Netherlands. Victoria ID provides screening software to our clients. According to the personal data authority, we act as a data processor and our clients are the data controllers.

Email: legal@victoria-id.comPhone: 020 7008353Chamber of Commerce: 87498006Data Protection Officer: Andreas Boon

Whose Personal Data Do We Collect?

When you visit our website or use our app, we collect data related to the type of device, browser, and how you use it. This helps us optimize our services on the website or app, aiming to make it more user-friendly and better serve you. We do this only with:

  • Your explicit consent
  • To properly execute the closed agreement and/or terms of use

What Personal Data Do We Process from Candidates?

To best perform our services, it is necessary for us to process data. Some data are mandatory to process in order for us to provide our services. We process additional data to better tailor our services to your needs, taking into account the relevance of the data to our services. Specifically, this includes – but is not limited to – the following data about you as a candidate:

  • Name, email address, and other contact details
  • Date of birth, gender, nationality, social security number, age, and photograph
  • Website data such as IP address, browser type, and device type
  • Bank and payment details
  • Identity data from passports, residence permits, or ID cards
  • Driver’s license
  • Educational qualifications
  • Employment history
  • Financial situation
  • References or certificates
  • Certificate of Conduct
  • Data from industry-specific or professional registers
  • Personal declarations regarding integrity or consent
  • Social media or other public sources
  • Other data that may be relevant in assessing your suitability as a candidate
  • Personal data provided via phone or email
  • Additional data provided via contact form, profile creation, or during screening

Depending on the type of screening, we store data from your ID document. Your employer stores the ID document during a recruitment and selection process to verify your eligibility to work in the Netherlands. If you do not start work with the employer within four weeks (after the application process), the ID document is deleted. With your consent, the employer may keep this for another year.

Special Categories of Personal Data

When it occurs that we process such data, it pertains to a part of the screening. We do not process data without explicit consent in any way. Our software solution enables a candidate to retrieve and/or validate their own data. This data is firstly available to the candidate, who then decides whether the data may be shared with the employer/client. We only process data on behalf of third parties, also known as the data controller.

Purpose of Data Processing

We process personal data of individuals who are screened by third parties (employers/clients or companies) with whom we do business. Here, the candidate takes full control. We enable the candidate to retrieve their own data and, with explicit consent, make it available to third parties. By third parties, we mean the employer or organization that has set up the screening for the candidate.

Additionally, we process data to:

  • Communicate clearly with you
  • Handle feedback or complaints, aiming to optimize our service and better serve you
  • Handle payments resulting from a closed agreement
  • Potentially keep data available for a future screening obtained with consent and based on the correct legal basis
  • Provide information and/or offers about our services, better tailored to your needs
  • Based on necessary and/or voluntarily consented cookies and similar technical data regarding cookie usage
  • Send commercial offers and/or newsletters, only when you have signed up for them
  • For management purposes including; management information, conducting internal controls and corporate security, and performing audits and accounting controls
  • Collect anonymized statistical data and secure the service
  • Compliance with legal regulations such as a legal obligation to retain certain data

Victoria ID has implemented appropriate security measures and procedures to protect your personal data from loss, destruction, alteration, or unauthorized disclosure and access. We do our utmost to secure the data, but cannot guarantee this. We strive to limit access to personal data only to those who should be involved. Confidentiality is enforced among those who have access.

Information for Parents
Victoria ID is aware of the importance of protecting children's privacy, especially in the online environment. Our services are generally not intended for children under 16 years, unless permission is given by a parent or guardian for the collection, release, or use of personal data. Our policy is to never knowingly collect or store information about individuals under sixteen, except in connection with the execution of a business service agreement. It is advisable to monitor the online activities of children. If we have collected personal data from a person under the age of 16, please contact us.

How Long Do We Retain Personal Data?

Victoria ID retains data no longer than strictly necessary.

To Whom Do We Disclose Personal Data?

Personal data is only disclosed to third parties when necessary for the execution of an agreement or to comply with a legal obligation, such as employment. We enter into a processor agreement with the organizations we work with to ensure an equivalent level of security and confidentiality of personal data.

What Are Your Privacy Rights?

We ensure at all times that the candidate retains control over their personal data. If anything is incorrect, redundant, or incomplete, you can contact us to have it amended or deleted. More information about all your rights regarding your data can be found on the website of the national supervisory authority, known as the "Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens". Under Article 13 paragraph 2 sub b GDPR, you have the right to request access to, deletion of, or rectification of your data, as well as the right to object to processing and the right to data portability. When you are logged into your account, you can find an overview of the personal data we process, which you can download, delete, or adjust.

We use the following technical components:

Cookies are text files containing information about, among other things, visiting behavior that is stored in the browser of your computer, smartphone, or tablet during your first visit to our website. There are three different types of cookies: functional, analytical, and tracking cookies.

  • Functional Cookies: Here, the browser temporarily stores information (session cookies) or for a longer period (permanent cookies), so that this information is sent back to our server during a subsequent visit. For example, we keep session and login information because we remember preference settings. We also collect user statistics to continue optimizing our service.
  • Tracking Cookies: We also use tracking cookies, which are intended, for example, to display relevant advertisements. We do not control how other parties apply cookies. Victoria ID is therefore not liable for this. Therefore, be sure to log out when you are working on a publicly accessible computer.
  • Analytical Cookies: Google Analytics is used to see how users use the website and how effective our Google Adwords ads are. Google's privacy policy provides more information about this. Google collects this information to provide statistics on our website and to provide its advertisers with information about the effectiveness of their campaigns. Google may provide this information to third parties if required to do so or when third parties process the information on Google's behalf.

Changes to Privacy Statement
Victoria ID reserves the right to modify or supplement the Privacy Statement from time to time. The current version of our Privacy Statement can always be found on our website. This version was created on July 1, 2022.

Business Relationships
We process personal data of individuals working for companies with whom we do business and that relate to:

  • Making offers
  • Providing information about our services and/or other activities
  • Maintaining a business relationship
  • Establishing and maintaining an order agreement

Which Personal Data Do We Process?

  • First and last name
  • Contact details
  • Position
  • Company details
  • Data to maintain a good business relationship
  • Data necessary for meetings, events, and assemblies

Why Do We Collect These Personal Data?

  • To enter into, maintain, and fulfill an agreement with you
  • To communicate clearly with you
  • To maintain a good business relationship with you, to:
    • Make offers, provide information about our services, provide corporate gifts, and/or other activities;
    • Approach you for commercial offers, events, newsletters, and promotional actions that may be of interest to you, only when you have signed up for them (opt-in).
    • To invoice
    • To determine creditworthiness
  • To provide you and/or your colleagues access to the White Label and manage the account
  • To process feedback or complaints or respond to them to improve our service and resources or to better serve you
  • To optimize our service

How Long Do We Retain Personal Data?
We apply retention periods depending on the relevance of the data for maintaining or documenting the relationship and the other aforementioned purposes, applicable legal retention periods, potential claim risks, or other obligations, where the principle is that these personal data are not retained longer than necessary.

Privacy Statement 05-01-2024

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