About Us

Our Core Values and Purpose

At Victoria ID, we are dedicated to transforming the landscape of identity verification, emphasizing security and efficiency. Our advanced solutions not only adhere to industry standards but are designed to exceed them, ensuring secure and reliable interactions for all clients.

Precision and Clarity
We uphold the highest standards of honesty and openness in every aspect of our business.

Innovation and Market Leadership
We continuously advance the frontier of technology, creating innovative solutions that address real-world challenges. Our commitment to excellence places us at the vanguard of the industry, consistently leading market trends and expectations.

Our operations are fundamentally designed around the needs and experiences of our customers. We strive to deliver exceptional support and services, making every client interaction outstanding. This approach sets new standards in customer satisfaction and engagement in the identity verification sector.

Our team

Meet the committed and insightful team members who contribute to our success at Victoria ID

Stephanie Eliane Eikhoudt
Founder | CEO

"Bridging Worlds with Passion and Precision: Attentively listening to organizational needs and fostering a masterful collective mind, responding with our unique magic to unite innovation and development, igniting passionate teamwork."

Pieter Gabes

"Operational Excellence: Empowering teams to scale swiftly and sustain momentum with essential resources."

Johan van der Leicke

"Strategic Vision, IT Precision: Co-owning the future with complex solutions for today's challenges."

Johan Hus
Co-Owner - CFO

"I ensure that our company's financial operations are running smoothly and efficiently, allowing us to thrive and deliver exceptional services to our clients."

Andreas Boon
Lead Software Engineer

"The Code Wizard: Weaving behind-the-scenes magic with a relentless focus on quality and indisputable validations for an experience that's nothing short of extraordinary."

Rogier Bogaards
Software Engineer quality testing & Customer Succes

"Mastering the mechanics of screenings: Onboarding with precision, engineering excellence, and rapid automation for internal and customer success."

Indy van Oijen
Senior Software Engineer

"Coding at the Speed of Innovation: Crafting groundbreaking solutions that redefine market standards."

Matthijs Spaans
Senior Software Engineer

"Seamless SSO specialist: Enhancing security, streamlining access, and elevating user experiences across platforms."

Stan Gabes
Software Engineer

"Pioneering front-end visuals for software that speaks to users."

Darius Orvidas
Senior Software Engineer

"Crafting Excellence, No Shortcuts: Dedicated to delivering the highest quality and long-term solutions with unwavering integrity."

Vaidas Motiejūnas
Senior Software Engineer

"Challenge Enthusiast: Thriving on complexity to push boundaries and innovate."

Mindaugas Naravas
Senior Software Engineer

"Speed to Lead: Embracing rapid development to stay ahead in the market."

Ernestas Burokas
Project Lead tech

"Master of Timelines: Steering development with a sharp focus on team coordination and milestone achievement."

Erik Kuiper

"I ensure financial accuracy for stable and good management".

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